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I have a generic account several users can su into, I however would like to find the name of all users who can do this.

Thanks, Oscar

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You might want to provide some more detail. How about the type and version of UNIX you're referring to, also, you tag su and sudo, do you mean just su, or do you mean people can sudo su into the account? – EightBitTony Jun 24 '13 at 14:24

su allows you to access someone's account if

  • You're root or
  • You know their password

There's no way to list what users know another users password (and if you could, you should revoke all their access. Users should never give out their password, for any reason, to anyone, including IT).

sudo grants an account authorization to access another account. Instead of knowing the password on the target account, users must know (and enter) their password, to prove who they are. This access is also logged, and you can manage the access lists with the /etc/sudoers file (use the command visudo to actually edit it, don't edit it directly!)

You can read about the format of the sudoers file with man sudoers. Usually, a group is granted sudo access (such as admin or wheel or sudo), and then users are added to that group, and you can list the users in that group to find out who has access.

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