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I need to configure a VPN PPTP IPSEC on my Mac os x, these are the VPN details:

IKE Policies:
Message encryption algorithm: Triple-DES
Message integrity (hash) algorithm: MD5
Peer authentication method: Preshared key
Key exchange parameters (Diffie-Hellman group
identifier): Group 2 (1024-bit)
ISAKMP established security association’s lifetime: 86400 seconds

IPSec Parameters:
Security-association (SA)establishment: ipsec-isakmp (IKE)
IPSec mode: Tunnel 
Mechanism for payload encryption: ESP
ESP transform: ESP-3DES
Hashed Message Authentication Code: ESP-MD5-HMAC
Security-association (SA) lifetime: 86400
PFS : no

My first question is: Can I setting up this type of VPN using the built-in vpn manager on OS X 10.6.8 and later?

If yes, Do I have to edit the racoon config file? and how ?

Thanks in advance

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