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Cutting a PSD comp for a website I'm building, and some of the layers have a particular blending mode set. Now, normally when I'm cutting PNG, I convert all layers into a single smart object, then copy the object to a new doc and export for web.

However, when I convert a layer that has Multiply set for the blending mode, it loses whatever effects the blending mode gave it. Sometimes a background spontaneously appears, sometimes a feathered edge becomes a solid box.

Is there a way to flatten and export these layers at "face value", eg cut the graphics without compromising the way they look, regardless of blending mode?

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I often Flatten the document before I set up the guides and slices. IIRC, "Flatten" is an option under the Layers menu. Or I can dig up the key command if you tell me what PS version and OS you're using.

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Thanks for the answer! What would I do in the case of transparent pngs? Often I need to cut out a logo without taking the background from the layer behind with it. – CodeMoose Jun 26 '13 at 18:30
Delete whatever layers behind it are causing the background to be non-transparent, then flatten it. Transparent areas should stay transparent even after flattenting. – KatieK Jun 26 '13 at 18:34

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