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On my desktop computer I have a remote desktop connection open using my laptop.

In the remote desktop connection window, I am installing (unzipping) XAMPP which is pretty CPU intensive for the laptop.

However, the CPU on the desktop machine is constantly between 60% and 95%. Why would the desktop CPU be so affected by what laptop is doing? I thought that was one reason to use remote desktop connections is to perform tasks independent of your host computer which are resource intensive, without it affecting your host computer.

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I would stop the connection and restart, click advanced and make sure you are not accidently sharing any "funky" hardware. I remember a friend having this problem when he was trying to do something with a USB missile launcher - don't ask.

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Other than that, You may want to go to the Experience tab and turn it down a little, it is possible that something is going on in the background of the laptop that is being brought forward to your desktop without knowing it.

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