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I'm writing a 26GB WET file to a new Windows 7 PC and it's going to take 13h.

There's no "stop" button, so I'd have to click the [x] to close it.

Is that safe?

Clarification: will closing it just "undo" the changes or at least allow me to complete the transfer later as if I had never stopped it?

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well i really think it's not safe to close any file transfer if the file transfer process is transferring important files – poqdavid Jun 25 '13 at 13:05

It was stuck at completion estimate of 14h 7 min, for an hour. So I clicked the "x" and it offered to close and it offered to close WET. (So I didn't have to Kill the process)

BTW, lots of reports out there of WET stalling.

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"Safe" is ambiguous here. Do you want to use the file that has been created? You won't be able to, but it won't break your computer.


Closing it will force you to start from scratch.

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