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When I run cmd.exe, the directory I start in is my home directory (C:\Users\Edd>)

When I pin cmd.exe to the start menu and run it from there the directory I start in is C:\Windows\System32>

How can I update the default directory for Windows Command Processor to be my home directory?

A quick note: aside from the difference in default directory, the titles of the windows are also different. cmd.exe has the title "C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe" and when I run it from the pinned menu item it is "Windows Command Processor".

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If you have a shortcut that starts cmd.exe, right-click on it, choose Properties, and change 'Start in' to the desired directory.

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You can use environment variables, so %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH% vs a hard coded path. – Brian Jun 25 '13 at 18:29

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