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I was looking over Chrome and the task manager feature and really wishing something like this was in Firefox (as i have lots of addons [probably too many] and lots of tabs open). I looked for an addon or something but perhaps I have missed something? Anyone know of something like Chrome's task manager but for FF?

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There's a couple things you can do to see what kind of overhead you've imposed on Firefox.

The about:addons-memory Extension will give you a nice looking page showing how much memory each of your extensions is using. You can use that information to decide if the overhead imposed is worth the functionality it provides, or if you should look for a more lightweight extension that has similar functionality.

Also, the about:memory page will give you a very technical view of how Firefox is using the memory that's been allocated.

Be careful though, both views give fairly technical information and can be easily misleading if you don't truly understand what you're looking at, how memory allocation in Firefox works, and how your OS manages memory.

As far as I know Firefox doesn't have any built-in way to show the other details that Chrome's Task Manager does, like CPU and Network usage. As @RobK alluded to, Firefox's current architecture may not make providing such statistics easy (or even possible).

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about:addons-memory is currently broken for me(firefox 47). It hasn't been updated since 2014 – Bryce Guinta Jul 10 at 3:00

Firefox does not have a task manager. Unfortunately, due to Firefox's architecture it would be difficult to monitor per-tab.

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There will not be any task manager in Firefox in the foreseeable future. Firefox now feature the Firefox Health Report.

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