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Anyone know what the /opt/sm folder contains in Ruby? When trying to run Brew Doctor I was given a warning that /opt/sm already existed. I've also gotten errors when installing certain Ruby Gems such as sinatra-config. I went ahead and reinstalled RVM and the problems are gone now, but am just curious if anyone has run into this problem/knows about it.


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I'm a little confused. What do you mean, "what the /opt/sm folder contains in Ruby"? Ruby does not contain "a folder", and /opt/sm has nothing to do with Ruby in itself. It comes with the Rails Installer package for OS X. Homebrew does not have anything to do with /opt either, except that it usually complains when /opt exists. Also, why do you mention Homebrew when you're using RVM to manage Rubies? Homebrew does not have RVM… and why would you need RVM if you used the Rails Installer? Finally, what specific errors were you getting? –  slhck Jun 25 '13 at 20:25
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