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I am using Ubuntu since 2009 on notebooks with Intel CPUs. However now, that I am using AMD's FX 6300, I am interested in knowing if there exists anything from Ubuntu (specifically any kernel enhancements/drivers/patches) for AMD's FX "family 15h" Piledrivers.

Reason: I would like to have a kernel which uses the hardware to its full capacity, be able to use the latest instruction sets, for max. performance.

I did some tests, started with compiling stable 3.9.7 on my 12.04 LTS box, and during compilation I choose processor vendor AMD (unchecked Intel/VIA/etc.), and when I started Ubuntu with this compiled kernel, in the section "System Settings -> Additional Drivers" I found that, in addition to graphic card's drivers, there were AMD family 15h drivers also.

However, I would prefer something in this regard tested/signed by Ubuntu developers.

1- the kernel that I have compiled has some issues with Nvidia graphics drivers, so I deleted kernel 3.9.7 and installed signed 3.8.xx from Ubuntu repositories.
2- incase if somebody is planning to advise me to install Ubuntu "AMD64" version:: I am not talking about AMD64 (which is in fact for 64-bit platform).

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