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I have two bundles: bundle and bundle

Each one contains a bunch of .rpms, with dependencies.

bundle is an updated version of bundle, except for one .rpm package which is older: fpga-fw-elic. This means: In i have fpga-fw-elic.1.7.1.rpm & In i have fpga-fw-elic.1.7.5.rpm (It's like cross hands)

When i try to go downgrade from 14 to 11 , it works fine, and i get all the rpms donwgraded using the command yum downgrade -y * --verbose --downloadonly But when i try to go upgrade from 11 to 14, i get missing dependencies that cannot be ressolved. i use the command: yum update -y * --verbose --downloadonly.

How can I resolve this issue? of course i can downgrade to fpga-fw-elic.1.7.1.rpm first and install it, then i can use yum update -y * --verbose --downloadonly without any problem, BUT i don't want to install any RPM yet.

please, any suggestion?

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Remove the -y from your yum command so yum will do all the dependency checking and then it will prompt you for whether to go ahead with the update or not.

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