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Per DISA hardening requirements for RHEL, I'm supposed to make sure a number of locations on the filesystem are mounted on separate partitions. A few of the locations they specify include /var /tpm /var/log etc. Is it possible to go about doing this on a live machine (without booting a separate OS)? And how would I go about doing that. I've backed up the OS so if I do screw something up I can recover. Thanks!

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We can't give you specific instructions unless we know your setup. Could you edit your question to include your /etc/fstab? – terdon Jun 27 '13 at 15:50

Just... mount them: # mount /dev/sdxy /var/log and add them to /etc/fstab

Before it, you can mount it on, say /mnt and here create directory structure, then mount it at final destination

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