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I'm running 64-bit Crunchbang 11 "Waldorf" on Debian Wheezy.

I'm trying to install a driver for my Epson printer. The file that I click to download is called epson-inkjet-printer-escpr_1.2.3-1lsb3.2_amd64.deb.

When I run the package, I get the following error: "Could not download all required files".

How can I resolve this?

Perhaps my /etc/apt/sources.list file will be of assistance:

## Compatible with Debian Wheezy, but use at your own risk.
deb waldorf main
# deb-src waldorf main

deb wheezy main contrib non-free
# deb-src wheezy main contrib non-free

deb wheezy/updates main
# deb-src wheezy/updates main

deb wheezy main
deb-src wheezy main
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I can install the file with no problem on my Debian. Did you run apt-get update before installing? How are you installing? gdebi-gtk or dpkg? – terdon Jun 27 '13 at 18:50
Strange, I just tried again and it installed just fine! I may have done an apt-get update inbetween, but I think I tried it afterwards and it still didn't work. Perhaps it was a network error? – LonelyWebCrawler Jun 27 '13 at 19:15
Perhaps there was a problem with one of the repository servers when you tried and it's been fixed now. – terdon Jun 27 '13 at 19:16

Have you tried to install via APT?

aptitude install printer-driver-escpr

The wheezy version is a bit older but may still do the job.

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Sorry, but I got it to work now, see my comment. – LonelyWebCrawler Jun 27 '13 at 19:17

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