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I did a ack-grep on files that contain a string. I then want to open these files in a VIM veritcal split window view. How can this be done via the terminal?

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First you would need to output the filename and paths of the files that contain the matched text your looking for:

ack -ail "my text"

a = all files i = insensitive case l = output only filesname paths

You combine that line with the following shell expansion script:

vim -O $(ack -ial "my text")

O = open files in a split window view. or E = open files in horizontal split view.

The output will be like this: enter image description here

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Please note that if you're using ack -a to get a list of files, you should probably just be using grep. In fact, ack 2.0 does away with the -a flag. – Andy Lester Aug 11 '13 at 15:23

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