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I have two computers: a desktop (Windows 7 Professional) with an ethernet jack in the motherboard and room for another (PCI or USB) and a laptop (Win7 Home Premium) with an ethernet jack. Internet connectivity is available through an ethernet wall jack (no access to switch/router). If I were to purchase a second NIC for the desktop (and have ample ethernet cables), would a setup meeting the following criteria be possible? If so, how?

  • Desktop has connection to internet through wall
  • File sharing is possible (both ways) between the two computers (default Windows network sharing and drive mapping)
  • The laptop is not connected to the LAN coming from the wall (from the network administrator's POV - only one of the two devices can be connected at any time)
  • Not necessary, but nice: a way to choose which folders are shared to which network. On the desktop, which would be connected to both the internet/building LAN and the laptop, there are some folders which I would rather only be available to the laptop.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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If you installed a second NIC in the desktop computer, you could connect the laptop to the network through the desktop with a simple crossover cable. You can either make one yourself or, if you are unsure of your cable crafting abilities, can be purchased online or from many office supply stores.

This would require a little network configuration on your end to make it work out, but there are a few methods to do it outlined online.

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