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I need to improve my linux hosted vmware workstation for using multiple virtual machines at the same time. I feel very stupid I lost a great blog post link which I found last month (and I'm not able to find it again..) so I try to ask here if anyone can help me:

This is my host (laptop):

  1. 16GB DDR3 Ram
  2. HDD Hybrid 750GB 7200 (8GB SSD Cache)
  3. Mint 15 x64
  4. Kernel 3.9.7
  5. swappiness set to 10

The above are the important things about the host. So, My need is the ability to run 2 or 3 VMs at the same time. The lack of performance is about the disk, The last time from that blog post I lost, I setup /tmp to be mounted ad a memory partition and in my previous installation that was good, now I'm not able to find a good solution to tweak the things.

I think with 16GB o RAM there will be no problems to run multiple VMs, but whe they start to swap or use the /tmp things going bad (guest cursor going too fast after a freeze, guest freeze and so on)

Anyone can help me to fit a good host tweak and configuration to get better performance? Thanks in advance

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