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My network is having the following on the router firewall log. I can provide it in maybe an hour.

UDP Loop
Vecna Scan
SYN Flood

What are these?

I just reformatted my Mac and the router is showing this activity. It is slowing down the network. I am concerned because my family and I have had the Zeus Virus, Sirefef, Conficker, and many, many others. What can I do to stop the weird activity, and why would my Mac be doing this right when it is freshly installed?

Any help on this, or advice, will be greatly appreciated.

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Does the router show these as incoming or outgoing scans, and if outgoing does it identify which internal IP address (and hence computer) they're coming from? – Gordon Davisson Jun 30 '13 at 3:45
The router shows many spoofed IPs, and my Mac's IP. They're all going towards my mac. On occasion the attack would try to have my chrome book scan the network, but it can't store anything so it gave up. – Tyler Jul 8 '13 at 16:30

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