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Ok, so at work I use Ubuntu and its create for copying a files from one folder to another folder without having two finder windows open.

What I would like is to have that function on my mac and I am wondering if anyone knows how to do this.

I understand Ubuntu is Linux and Mac well its from Linux has all the features of Linux but is a mac. The feature may not be there but if it is, it would help me alot.

As I am always moving files around servers and systems

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That is one of the features of TotalFinder:

⌘U toggles dual pane mode and ⌥⇥ focuses the other pane.

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If you are looking for a split pane window mode, this is not available in the stock version of Finder shipped by Apple. However there are numerous Finder extensions such as the freeware XtraFinder that can accomplish this task.

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