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I'm trying to configure my mutt email-client, but I have a problem with the spoolfile concept (as I am not a native English-speaker I don't even understand exactly the word). So first, what is it exactly and what is the difference between this variable and the $folder and the $mailboxes one ?

Then, how could I use it correctly in my case ? I get my email from the server and sort out them into several Maildir with procmail. I have the following organisation :

   |-mailboxe1 (Maildir)
   |-mailboxe2 (Maildir)
   |-spam (Maildir)

So, how should I configure, my $spoolfile, $folder and $mailboxes (or other) variable in order to start mutt in the mailboxe1, and then to switch easily between my different mailboxes ?

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