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I have the following autohotkey script:


which produces this:



however, to execute it I have to type aaim**SPACE** which then puts a space after where I want my cursor to be, like this:


How can tell autohotkey to not include the SPACE the executes the script?

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Replace the first bit with that. It'll now fire when you type aaim, and nothing else. (That might be a little annoying if you're typing something that begins with aaim, but it's smart enough to not do it in the middle of words)

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You could also avoid typing most of the spacing manually and use brackets, they will retain spaces:


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There is actually a function in AutoHotkey specifically for this purpose. "Omit" Note the O in the hotstring below:

:O:aaim::==aaim etc... etc...

For more information, open the AutoHotkey help file and click on "Hotstrings & auto-replace" in the contents menu. Omit is listed under the Options headline.

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A roundabout, slightly hacky, but above all working method! +1, because who cares if our coding is perfect :P – Phoshi Oct 27 '09 at 12:11

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