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However When plugging my USB 2.0 flash drive into the USB 3.0 port of one of my laptops running W8 Im only getting around 2.5 kB/s! sometimes if its a larger transfer it will trail of to nothing at all!!

The strange thing is when I plug it into a W7 laptop's USB 2.0 port transfers run at expected speeds (i.e. I dont notice it being overly slow but I didnt look at the numbers).

Neither of the laptops have the USB performance set for speed rather than safe removal, nor do I want them to be as I have found the gain in speed to be minimal yet the payoff in damaged drives does indeed rise quite a lot.

Even when it is transferring, looking at the windows transfer visualisation, it shows continues peaks (the peaks still only being a few kB/s) and drop offs instead of a rise and then a continuous(-ish) level till a final fall-off that one would expect.

Neither disk manager nor device manager (or event logs) show any issue with the drive r anything else.

Sometimes the speed increases if I push down on the end of the protruding USB drive, but other times that seems to slow it... A current transfer of mainly .c files is running at only 637 bytes/s! Any knowledge on how to fix this? Thanks

P.S. Yes I have looked at a lot of the other Q's regarding slow USB transfers - they all (as far as I could make out) concern minor increases in the MB/s range.

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E.g. it just took me over 10 minutes to copy a 10 MB folder to the flash drive - copying the same folder from the drive to the w7 machine took a few seconds :( – Toby Jun 30 '13 at 14:20
Do you have any kind of other software running on windows 8 machine that could be slowing it down? Something that takes up 100% cpu, a different virus scanner? Also check to see if there are new drivers available for the usb controller. – Scott Chamberlain Jun 30 '13 at 14:48
Normal idle for CPU on this sys seems to be 3-6% I do have one or two large applications on this sys (2 x IDEs) other than that though I havent got much else installed on it and I cleaned 95% of the crap-ware off as soon as I got it. Drivers all up to date... – Toby Jun 30 '13 at 15:11
Windows 8 accounts for roughly 9 GB, so that would be 180 GB of crap-ware. Not too bad. – artistoex Jun 30 '13 at 16:43
Question, do all USB 2.0 devices work that slow on the port, or is it just the 1, and have you tried a USB 3.0 device, on the 3.0 port. – user88311 Jun 30 '13 at 17:20

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