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Any time I use Page Up/Down part of the previous page remains on screen, like so:


How do I fix this so that only a single page is shown at a time?

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What's wrong in the screenshot? – gronostaj Jun 30 '13 at 19:25
It is showing zoom at 100%. This is good for reading text but Page Up won't skip exactly 1 page at a time (unless your screen happens to be so large that 100% zoom perfectly fits 1 page on the screen). I have a 25" widescreen LCD and for me "Whole page" sets zoom to 80%. – Austin ''Danger'' Powers Jun 30 '13 at 19:30

I think that is probably to be expected, unless you set the zoom level so the page fits the screen:

enter image description here

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thank's your help but unfortunately no change – herosz Jun 30 '13 at 19:15
I just tested it on my Word 2010 and it works for me. Are you sure you set page zoom to "whole page"? In your screenshot it shows "100%". – Austin ''Danger'' Powers Jun 30 '13 at 19:18
yes, in new screenshoot is "whole page"(60% ) but nothing change.. – herosz Jun 30 '13 at 19:21
Hmm. Well if it still doesn't work then I'm out of ideas unfortunately, because I can't recreate the issue. Hopefully someone else can recreate your problem on their Word 2010. – Austin ''Danger'' Powers Jun 30 '13 at 19:31
Thank's Your help ,unfortunately this happens with other documents too. – herosz Jun 30 '13 at 20:12

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