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I'd like to check the version of Firefox through Apple Remote Desktop of all managed computers. I have written this, but it only checks for Firefox in /Applications

/bin/cat /Applications/ | grep -A 1 CFBundleShortVersionString | grep string | sed 's/[/]//' | sed 's/<string>//g'

For standard users Firefox auto update breaks if it is in /Applications so I instead have it installed in ~/Applications

I'd like to check that copy (if it exists), but I can't specify the path in the command since it is unique to each computer. For example:



Presumably I want to use find and pipe the result to my command. This should work for 10.6 through 10.8

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locate |grep "$"

should give you the exact location(s)

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locate on OS X is uninitialized by default. – Daniel Beck Jul 2 '13 at 20:13

One way to do this would be to us a shell script to get the list of user folders in /Users, and look through those in a loop. Something like:

for i in $(ls /Users/ | grep -v Shared | grep -v Deleted)
    grep -A 1 CFBundleShortVersionString /Users/${i}/Applications/ | grep -A 1 CFBundleShortVersionString | grep string | sed 's/[/]//' | sed 's/<string>//g'
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