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I'm looking for MP3 jukebox software, running on Windows, where co-workers can queue music from their local device to the central server. I've looked at VibeStreamer, but it can only play 'local' music.

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Exit 66 (formerly BlueVade Jukebox) is a good web-based solution.


  • Web-based Jukebox server accessable from any machine on your network with a frames-capable webbrowser
  • Works just like a jukebox at your favorite drinking establishment
  • Great for parties (that's actually how it came to fruition)
  • Support for the MP3 audio file format
  • Support for ID3 v1 and v2 Tags
  • Number of MP3 files is limited only by your computer memory and speed
  • Customizable look through style sheets
  • Assignable playlists for use when no songs have been requested
  • Administration functions can be limited by IP address
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Try Subsonic. It has a web interface, a neat navigation method and a jukebox mode.

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Try one of these - supposedly both can run from source over local networks:

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Thanks. Bluevade.com links to a domain squatter. The new links seems to be exit66jukebox.berlios.de –  Edosoft Oct 27 '09 at 13:34

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