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I am looking into upgrading my PC to use Windows 7 and an SSD. I would like to have Windows and my application files on my SSD to make use of the fast read speeds, and user account data on a large "normal" drive for the purposes of cheap bulk storage.

I have read around and found a few tricks to making this happen after installing Windows 7, but they feel a bit hack-ish.

Is there a way to (easily) configure the Windows 7 installer to use a non-default path for User information?

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i haven't been using vLite (for Vista/7) but with nLite (for 2k/XP) it is possible to change the default patth for the user profile and the programs are closely related, so have a look at it. these are great tools to customize windows installation media.

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I've used nLite extensively for Windows XP in the past. I'll give vLite a look, thanks. – Tragedian Oct 27 '09 at 13:58

Not that I am aware of.

Your best bet is changing your "special folder" locations after the installation.

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