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I would like to make a command that will clear (reset) Clipboard while I am using Excel 2010.

I would prefer this as a button in Excel, but it can be a shortcut on the desktop as well.

Is there any way to make something like this in Windows 7(32-bit).

I am making this because as I copy data from one excel file to another, I run out of free RAM memory and at that point my computer crashes.

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You could easily write a script in AutoIt or autohotkey to clear the clipboard contents. In AutoIt, ClipPut() passing an empty string will clear the clipboard. – MaQleod Jul 2 '13 at 4:31
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This can be done within the excel in two steps.

Fist step

Step One

Second step

Step Two

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  1. Download and install AutoIt (full installation)
  2. Open SciTE Script Editor
  3. Write ClipPut("") and save the file.
  4. Open Compile Script to .exe (x86), browse to you script file you have created earlier and choose a destination (exe) file and click Convert

Now whenever you run it it will clear the clipboard (you also can uninstall autoit now, because the exe file is standalone).

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