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In a project we may have a CSS file which was originally created (and committed to our code repository) by a person using a Unix based operating system. So all lines in that file end with \n.

Whenever a person on Windows with Adobe Dreamweaver edits that file, even if the edit is just a single character, the newlines of the whole file are converted to Windows style, which is \r\n.

This is problematic because at the instant this happens a commit to the code repository will not be possible (will produce conflict) in case someone else (with a proper editor) has altered other parts of the file.

How can this be prevented? All text editors I know (Notepad++, TextPad, etc) respect the file format of a file. Can Dreamweaver do that as well?

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I would recommend changing your code repository. It shouldn't be possible to check out any file more than once concurrently, so conflicts should not happen. [I think the question's off-topic and would probably be better asked in Webmasters or Superuser.] – Andrew Leach Jul 2 '13 at 7:15

The only option I see is setting the Line break type in Dreamweaver to LF (Unix):

enter image description here

I don't see any option to leave the line breaks as they are.

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