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I am using Dell Studio 1555 for connecting to internet, everything was fine till yesterday I found that I am no longer being able to connect to any network. Even if by chance it gets connected it was automatically getting disconnected after few seconds. I made sure that network strength is full, so I tested this by sitting near to router too. But it was still not working.

I thought this might be caused by some software interfering the connectivity.. So, I made a clean install of Windows 8 (earlier I was using Windows 7), by formatting my PC. To my surprise it is still not connecting.


Now, the problem is that, I am not able to connect to any wifi network broadcast signals. It is stuck on "Checking Network Requirements" prompt. It seems no hardware problem because it is showing all the signals in vicinity and also showing good strength indicators. Also, I have other devices like my phone and another laptop, which are able to connect to same access point.

More Info:

This info might help somewhat-

  1. I am using Dell Studio 1555 with Windows 8 (32 Bit) installed.
  2. My WiFi adapter is Intel WiFi Link 5100 AGN.
  3. Wired Connection is working fine.
  4. I am able to see all networks in vicinity, but can not connect to them.
  5. Diagnotic Result file is available here.
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This is usually drivers problem (at least on my experience). Find the drivers for your specific wifi cart that you have and install them. –  Aristos Jul 3 '13 at 6:35
Drivers are Ok, it is showing signal also connects sometimes(happens 1 in 50) –  Prateek Singla Jul 3 '13 at 7:40

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The problem was hardware related, my hinges of laptop are weak, because of which the WiFi antenna cable which runs around the display screen got damaged. So, that's why I am able to see network but not able to connect to them.

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