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When using VIM with Xdebug, the following Help window appears:

[ Function Keys ]                 |                   
  <F1>   resize                   | [ Normal Mode ]   
  <F2>   step into                |   ,e  eval        
  <F3>   step over                |                   
  <F4>   step out                 |                   
  <F5>   run                      | [ Command Mode ]  
  <F6>   quit debugging           | :Bp toggle breakpo
                                  | :Up stack up      
  <F11>  get all context          | :Dn stack down    
  <F12>  get property at cursor   |                   

Does this window ever change? If it doesn't, how can I prevent it from coming up when I open the Xdebug debugger? I have the functions memorized already!

This is on VIM 7.3. Thanks!

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Try using the newer Vdebug instead.

It works just like the vim script by Seung Woo Shin, so you won't have to change your workflow. The help window is gone in favour of :help Vdebug.

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Thanks, Stan. Vdebug looks to have some other nice features as well. – dotancohen Jul 17 '13 at 11:53

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