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Our organization recently switched from an SMTP server to an Exchange server, since then several user's Outlook's are not synchronizing their emails as expected with the Exchange server.

Our move over from an SMTP server to an Exchange server consisted of adding the new Exchange account alongside the existing SMTP account, drag-dropping/copy-pasting folders client-side from the SMTP account in the folder pane in outlook, to the newly created Exchange account.

The problem happens when a user moves an email to a folder from their inbox or another folder. At this point the email disappears from Outlook client side. Re-syncing the folder, send/receive, closing/opening outlook and even system reboots do not make this email reappear.

The Outlook web interface (OWA) reports the email is in fact in the folder they placed it in, and is not deleted. Doing a "search all mail items" for the emails shows that the email is still there; not deleted nor removed.

To add to the confusion, when new folders are created and the email is placed in these folders, the synchronization happens without any issue both client side and server side.

As the emails are appearing server side, we are confident to presume this is a client side issue.

We have tried adding/removing accounts on one system which resulted in the same issue. This was a very long and slow process due to the sheer volume of emails (20gig+ from most users). We have tried reinstalling outlook restoring accounts from back-ups which has not resolved the issue. We also tried upgrading one system from outlook 2007 to outlook 2010 which, again, did not resolve the issue.

We have experienced issues with a lot of emails disappearing during the copy-over process in which I'm not convinced it was the best route of migration, but nonetheless we are where we are.

Can anyone suggest potential avenues of solutions to resolve this issue? Thank you.

Systems: Windows 7 (10 systems) Windows XP (2 systems) Outlook 2007 (2 systems) Outlook 2010 (7 systems)

Problem Outlook systems: Windows XP, Outlook 2007 x 1 Windows 7, Outlook 2007 x1 Windows 7, Outlook 2010 x 2

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