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I have this weird issue. When I put the computer to sleep by pressing the power button, or using the sleep option in Charms, I can wake it up normally. However, if I close the lid, and later reopen it, all the fans come on, but nothing appears on the screen.

I didn't have this issue using Windows 7.

Here are my system specs:

HP G60-235DX Notebook PC

Intel Pentium Dual Core T4200 at 2.00Ghz

3 GBS of RAM

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD with 1309MB of video memory

Windows 8 Pro 64 bit

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I had similar issues and the problem was the graphic driver. Check your drivers and update them, this might solve your problem.

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Thanks for trying, but it didn't work for me. I tried updating it via Windows Update, Device Manager, and the HP website. Unfortunately, all of them reported that the driver was up to date. – PoisonNinja Jul 4 '13 at 0:27
  • Check settings in power configuration what does closing the lid do it might be hibernating try setting closing lid event to sleep


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I already checked, it's set to sleep. Also, if it was set to hibernate, then when I open the lid, nothing should have happened. – PoisonNinja Jul 4 '13 at 0:28
Locate manufacture website and download the display, chipset drivers if you cant find it for win8 then go to and locate Device id in device manager. – Homer Simpsons Jul 4 '13 at 10:50

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