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I am simply trying to copy a folder and rename it in the same directory

Attempted: cp -rfp folder folder-7-03

Terminal Reply: Invalid Request

I don't use terminal often as my FTP App is quite good. Thought I would have a go at it and now I see why I was always discouraged. Still, I would like to know since I realize the power of Terminal.

Please review the status if it's helpful here:

Connected and logged into

No proxy connection.

Gate ftp: off, server (none), port ftpgate.

Passive mode: on; fallback to active mode: on.

Mode: stream; Type: binary; Form: non-print; Structure: file.

Verbose: on; Bell: off; Prompting: on; Globbing: on.

Store unique: off; Receive unique: off.

Preserve modification times: on.

Case: off; CR stripping: on.

Ntrans: off.

Nmap: off.

Hash mark printing: off; Mark count: 1024; Progress bar: on.

Get transfer rate throttle: off; maximum: 0; increment 1024.

Put transfer rate throttle: off; maximum: 0; increment 1024.

Socket buffer sizes: send 131070, receive 262140.

Use of PORT cmds: on.

Use of EPSV/EPRT cmds for IPv4: on.

Command line editing: on.

Version: tnftp 20070806

Thanks for any insight on this...

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Assuming you have folder on FTP server full of files (not subfolders).
Create folder in your current dir that you want to rename:

mkdir test

get files with wget

cd test/ && wget ftp://user:pass@FTPserverIP/path/to/test/*

leave test folder cd .. and rename folder localy:

mv test/ testnew

then use wput to copy folder and files to ftp server:

wput testnew/* ftp://user:pass@FTPserverIP/path/to/test/parent/

This works on my Linux (Ubuntu) box, Mac should have wget but wput you might need to install.

Hope it helps, Mirko

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Well that definitely got me a bit further thanks! Now, it's telling me there is no such file or directory which is not the case. I've entered the command ! dir and see the file I need to Duplicate. – user235425 Jul 3 '13 at 12:29
does it have some spaces or special characters in name? you have to escape them with \<char> – mirkobrankovic Jul 3 '13 at 12:30
sorry took so long to get back here. Caught up with a project. So there are no spaces or special characters going on here. Sounds like some freak occurrence that only I seem to be able to produce. This kind of thing happens to me all too often... – user235425 Jul 8 '13 at 20:35
so, i've tried to make a copy of the public_html folder in cpanel and it comes back with "No such file or directory". I am in the root folder and checked the folder to see if public_html was in it using "ls" and it shows up. Why would it not find the file or directory? – user235425 Jul 16 '13 at 10:43
I changed the answer after full understanding the problem, still I haven't used Mac a lot, but that should work. Let me know how it goes – mirkobrankovic Jul 16 '13 at 12:07

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