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I have a list of independent tests which run a common executable with different command lines and in different working directories.

At the moment i simple run these one after the other in a batch file or script on my personal machine. However i have access to a large number of machines and so would like to be able to send some of these processes to the other machine and then collect up the output once they finish.

I could write something in python or whatever to do this, but I'm sure that someone has already done this much better than I could manage.

Any Ideas ??

cheers, Rob.

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If you have do this repeatedly over a long time, I suggest you take a look at BOINC.
Quoting from here: "BOINC is designed to be a free structure for anyone wishing to start a distributed computing project."

You would use the BOINC API and you will have to set up a server.

There are several people who have used BOINC for their own projects: example 1, example 2, example 3.

Note that BOINC is especially suited for CPU-intensive processes. If your test processes are light on CPU but heavy on disk or memory, BOINC may not be suited.

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Thanks I'll take a look. – B_o_b Jul 3 '13 at 15:12

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