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Using Ubuntu Server, Wired Interfaces Only:

I want to change an IP address/netmask/etc on an interface and then restart just the interface to use that. I am also changing the information in the /etc/network/interfaces file so on reboot, whenever that may occur, it will come up with the new address.

Is there a way to restart an interface so it would have the same effect as a reboot on the address change?

This all has to be done through 'code'. The key to me is the effective 'restart' request which will not occur until the /etc/network/interfaces file has been modified.

This may very well occur on a network interface that started with no address...

If I change the address, say, through ifconfig, will the old address still be in use until I 'ifdown' then 'ifup' the interface???


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Have you tried /etc/init.d/networking restart after you changed the interfaces file? –  diablo Jul 15 '13 at 18:25
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