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I'm looking for a wireless gadget to advance PowerPoint slides, and would also work with Keynote or whatever on a Mac.


(a) What are these things called, so I can search for them.

(b) What is a reasonable price point - the cheap ones seem to be under $20, and name brand seem to be $40 or $50. Do the cheap no-name devices work?

(c) Specific device recommendations.

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  1. My colleagues and I have always called them clickers.
  2. We've had good luck with the cheapies.
  3. If you're on a Mac with IR, why not just use the Apple Remote?
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Thanks! To clarify: currently I have a ThinkPad, which is an awful piece of garbage. When the time comes, I'd like to replace it with a Mac laptop. :) – Reid Oct 28 '09 at 0:20

Try the Apple Remote app for the iPhone/iPod if you have one. Not bad for 59p

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These devices are called "wireless presenters". I can recommend the Kensington Devices, especially this one. You should pay attention at the transmission used: Infrared only works if you point the device directly onto the receiver. Also a laser-pointer is very helpful. All those devices normaly work on windows, mac and linux because they emulate a ordinary keyboard, so you dont have to install drivers.

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Or just use a wireless mouse and click in midair. Much simpler and more universal, especially with the large number of laptops around nowadays. You might even have one already.

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You can search for "RF Presenters" too.

I'm using this one on Windows and Linux, it works like a charm. No brand, but really cheap and it uses 2 AA's - so, if you forgot to charge and have to do presentation ASAP, just buy more batteries.

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