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Really appreciate an answer.

The application I am running, requires a user id and password immediately to be input manually. The application is run at dos command prompt. How can i include this in a batch file (ie. the application to be executed, user id and password in a batch file ) without any user intervention, to run.


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You can use VBScript to do that. Use AppActivate to bring the window onto the screen:

Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
objShell.AppActivate "notepad"

Then use SendKeys to send the required keys:

'Wait a second before we do anything
WScript.sleep 1000


'Send the keys to notepad application
Do While intCount <= 10
  wshShell.SendKeys "Line No: " 
  wshShell.SendKeys intCount 
  wshShell.SendKeys "{ENTER}" 

  intCount = intCount + 1



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