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I know that LibreOffice allows you to define custom number formats. I have a spreadsheet that displays some smallish percentages (all are less than 1%). I would like to use permille instead.

Percentages less than one percent cause confusion with people looking at the spreadsheet as percentages are often interchanged with decimals 0.34 -> 34%. I've often seen spreadsheets where .34% was written and people have assumed this meant 34%, also I've seen cases where the author meant 34% but the value in the cell was .0034

I looked at the Format code for percent to see if there was any special trick I could use, since for a percentage the decimal point is moved 0.5 -> 50%, which is different from changing the thousand separator or the number of decimal places.

The "Format code" for percent looks like this: 0.00%

It looks like the % symbol has a special interpretation and I can't just tell the format to multiply by 1000 and append the permille symbol as a work-around I am using


but this changes the value and makes the cell mixed number/text. Is there any way I can create a custom format for this?

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