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I want to make a log of all IP's on client computers, to track where they've been.

I made a script on the client and I can get all the info I wanted and trigger to send when the network is connected, but now I'm stuck on a way to pass that string to append a .csv file in the server. I don't want to send a temp file and then append that to the main log, I want to send the info and directly append to the file.

Both client and server are windows machines, I don't mind installing stuff on the server, but the client part must be portable and as small as possible. The communication between both must also be secure.

Any ideas?

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Why are you doing this on the clients and not with network gear? Cost? How many clients are you talking about? Are you OK with rapidly outgrowing the safe file size of csv / txt? And Finally, what scripting language are you using? –  AthomSfere Jul 4 '13 at 16:23
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