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Simple problem. I have a chart in Excel and some text data on a sheet. I want to create labels on the chart that reference text on another sheet. I want to be able to update the text and have the labels on the chart be in sync.

Is this possible? I don't think its directly supported and we might have to add the text as "series" and turn on data labels.

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Nevermind, it was really simple.

Just create a textbox on the chart and then in the formula bar reference the cell you want.

I problem was I was trying to type the formula into the textbox!

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Do you mean this:

Sheet 1 - A1 cell: 10  
Sheet 2 - A1 cell: =Sheet1!A1
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You can do the same with the chart title as well - select it, click in the formula bar, add a formula as usual This might be just a link to a cell eg =A1, or w hole complicate thing, or some concatenated text like ="Sales figures for "&A1&" region, "&B1&" to "&C1

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