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I've imported my google reader subscriptions into two other services (feedly, newsblur). After importing the new services are showing lesser feeds than I had in google. I know that some feeds may be death, but I'm interested in what feeds are not imported.

My idea is to compare the three opml files (google, feedly, newsblur). I know the OPML Comparison/Merge Tool from http://sharedvalues.sourceforge.net/opml/ but that doesn't work for me - It doesn't accept the OPML file from feedly, and it is showing differences that aren't differences.

Therefore I'm looking for other OPML compare tools - is somebody aware of such tools, ore are there other ways to compare the files?

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OPML is XML, you could look for XML comparison tools –  Jan Doggen Jul 5 '13 at 8:31
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