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When i start typing an address in the Opera url bar it helps me by putting full names of sites i've visited before which name starts from same letter i've just typed. For example if i type g it puts, for s it would be and so forth. The question is how to make Opera forget that it's been there already and not put the site's name into the url bar? Cleaning history doesn't work. Thanks

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Which opera version are you using? – nixda Jul 6 '13 at 10:29
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It is using the prediction service that can be turned off via the Settings > Privacy & Security screen.

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For Opera versions until 12.xx (not applicable for Opera 15.xx and higher)

There are two possible settings

  1. CTRL+F12 → History → Set Addresses to 0
    This way you will never see inline completion regardless if its a bookmark or a history entry
    Also, history entries are never displayed in Addressbar dropdown menu. Only bookmarks are.

    enter image description here

  2. Go to opera:config#UserPrefs|AddressbarInlineAutoCompletion and uncheck it
    This way you disable only inline completion and you will still see history entries in your Addressbar dropdown menu enter image description here

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