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Hello dear helpful people!

I'm having a problem with my reaaaally old "5.1" system (it's a subwoofer with plug slots for 5.1 surround, but I'm only using two speakers). Basically, I plug my speakers (two front speakers) into different holes in my subwoofer which is then connected to my PC. One day, one of my speakers suddenly stopped working for no apparent reason at all. Trying all kinds of things, I soon found out that it wasn't the speakers fault but that there was something amiss with the front-left speaker slot.

So now, I have both my front speakers plugged into the rear speaker slots. Winamp and most movies I play in VLC seem to work fine, but occasionally there is a movie where I have to switch to stereo because I would otherwise only hear my subwoofer. Now I have a game in which I can't switch to stereo, so I'm stuck with only hearing the subwoofer..

I figure that if there was some piece of software with which I could designate the speakers plugged into the rear slot as front speakers (which is how I'm using them), this would all be nice again. Any ideas?

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Depends how the whole system is connected to the computer. It if uses multiple ports on the computer or a digital connection, then you would need the appropriate software driver. You could also try opening it up and reconnecting the cables physically, or just fix the port. –  Bob Jul 6 '13 at 9:47
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