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My computer sometimes runs at 100% CPU and gets real slow. When I start task manager to see which process is causing it, there is a process named "1347142115.exe" and it uses 99% of the CPU. When I end it, CPU usage goes back to normal. I don't know which application causes this process so I can't uninstall it. Is this a virus? How do I get rid of it? Is a format necessary?

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Download Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essentials. Check you system for malware and viruses. Download also Process Hacker Task Manager it gives you more information about the processes running on your PC.

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  1. Click on the Windows 7 start icon in the bottom left corner of your screen. Windows 7 start logo

  2. Type MSCONFIG in the search box and then either press enter on your keyboard or double-click on the MSCONFIG program that appears in the search results.

    • disable application in startup tab
    • Have a look in Command line then locate virus and delete it Msconfig
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