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I get this error message from time to time, when I try to unlock my Windows 8 Pro Tablet. (I have also a Laptop running Windows 8, but I have never faced this error there.)

I remember it from times, with Windows 7 and XP or 2003 Server, when somebody (or too many people) were accessing the computer via Remote Desktop simultaneously. That's why I disabled Remote Desktop and everything I could find about it on my tablet, after I've seen the Message the first time.

Usually I get it about once or twice a month. The only "solution" I've found so far, is to turn of the tablet by holding the power button (hard reset).

Any ideas which application or bug could be causing it?

And AFAIR, in Windows 7, I could say that I want to kick out the other people so I can log in - do you know, how I can do it in Windows 8?

My user is the only user on that system (I have administrator permissions)

Thank you for your help, cheers.


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Any 3th party software you have installed that might trigger this behavior? –  ZippyV Jul 7 '13 at 11:46
nothing I could think of - except development tools and some services like SQL Server, ... there are DropBox and similar sync software running in the background. The only one I could think of theoretically would be TeamViewer, but that was supposedly turned of the last time, it happened. And nobody ever connected to my tablet using TeamViewer. –  zahorak Jul 7 '13 at 11:53

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