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As our only internet access (currently traveling - no fixed address - no fixed phone line) we use a Huawei E586 personal Wifi hotspot [], through which we connect up to 3 devices (my ultrabook, my wife's notebook, and a Kobo) to the internet - in changing configurations (eg. sometimes only my wife, sometimes only me, oftentimes 2 devices).

We would like to monitor our overall bandwidth consumption on this HSPA/UMTS device, as we keep exceeding the (rather low) bandwidth allowance of our monthly plan!

I checked various sources, but most monitoring tools seem to be designed for a router, where the total bandwidth is measured either at the network port, or at the port connecting the router to the cable or land line - so they are of no use to us. I looked into several tools, like Netmeter (which I installed, it said "nothing to monitor" and had nothing to change under 'options'), iTraffic (which says nothing about HSPS/UMTS in its description - will it work?), NetspeedMonitor (again, this seems to measure "network traffic", not wireless or HSPA/UMTS traffic)... Our Huawei E586 comes with a small built-in software, but this loses all data as soon as (for example) the mobile network drops out, which tends to happen too often with mediocre reception - so I cannot record a reliable summary.

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Please check this blog for wifi monitoring solutions:

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Unfortunately all links in this short list also refer to 'routers' and port monitoring at router level - I cannot see how I could apply any of these solutions to my Huawei MiFi. (Maybe I'm just 'thick'...) – J. Klein Jul 8 '13 at 6:09

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