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I'm trying to use Emacs Markdown mode, which requires several key bindings, like C--, C-+, M-<left>, M-<right>, M-<up>, M-<down>, but I can't get them working in OS X Terminal.

I tried C-h c (Display the command name run by the given key sequence) on the above key bindings, and got the following details:

  • C-- is interpreted as C-_;
  • C-= only produces a bell sound;
  • M-<up> (where option is set as M in keyboard preferences) is interpreted as ESC <up> (translated from ESC M-O A);
  • M-<down> is interpreted as ESC <down> (translated from ESC M-O B);
  • M-<left> is interpreted as M-b;
  • M-<right> is interpreted as M-f.

So, is there any way to get things right? Thanks.

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