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I've downloaded mangal.ttf from and copied it to /usr/share/fonts/TTF ; somehow the system is not able to recognize it (I'm verifying same using LaTeX). Is there any documentation for installing fonts on Linux ?

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You can see the documentation here.

  1. To add fonts system-wide, copy the new fonts into the /usr/share/fonts/ directory. It is a
    good idea to create a new subdirectory, such as local/ or similar, to help distinguish between user-installed and default fonts.

    To add fonts for an individual user, copy the new fonts into the .fonts/ directory in the user's home directory.

  2. Use the fc-cache command to update the font information cache, as in the following example:

fc-cache <path-to-font-directory>

In this command, replace <path-to-font-directory> with the directory containing the new fonts (either /usr/share/fonts/local/ or /home/<user>/.fonts/).

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