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I have Windows 7 desktops and I want to check/download files from a few webservers (apache) into a specific folder on my desktop. My research seems to find it possible with paid ftp programs with scripting utilities, which I am not familiar with.

My webserver folder structure looks like this.


I want the ftp program to check for new *.zip files in /home/foldera/folderb/exports/ say every 6 hrs, download them to a local directory c:/datafiles/*.zip and then delete the file from the server.

Each zip file will have a unique name (there is a timestamp appended to its name). Sometimes the folder /home/foldera/folderb/exports/ wont exist (its deleted occasionally by the webserver before new data is written into it, so there is a chance it wont exist, that should not cause anything to fail).

As you can see I don't want a simple mirror application, I need the ftp program to login in, look for files recursively within the */exports/ dir and download just the zip files so that in C:/datafiles/ I just have zip files, no subfolders, and no files of any other type.

Considering I cannot batch script, but can follow instructions pretty well, how can I create an ftp script to do this? Is there one with a GUI and well documented instructions? Is there a way within windows to do this without the need for ftp software? I understand I may have to use task scheduler to trigger this.

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You state "My Webserver"... is this your apache web server and you have access to it? What OS is your webserver? Put your script or application... using ftp remotely is painfully slow trying to recurse folders. – Logman Jul 8 '13 at 3:34
For what its worth: I just tried to find a "windows only" solution with native ftp command line and task scheduler. But the ftp command mget doesn't support recursive downloads for subdirectories. Without a second tool like wget for windows it seems impossible to me to go the windows-only way. – nixda Jul 8 '13 at 9:17

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