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I have a target host and proxy host and client host, the client host could not connect to the target host directly, even with command ping. I am wondering if there is anyway for me to ssh or scp from client to target host directly. I googled and found this link may help:

Scp over a proxy with one command from local machine?

But I am not sure whether this method would still work if the client could not ping the target host. I tries this method, but not working. Is there any other choices?

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First, a sanity chcek: do you have the http_proxy environment variable set? – user235731 Jul 8 '13 at 9:24

Not being able to ping a remote machine can just mean that ICMP is blocked or ignored. This doesn't have to prevent other connections. There are several ways for setting up a proxy for SSH, for example by using corkscrew or httptunnel.

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