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In linux, one can use the mem=xxxx boot argument to specify how much memory the OS can use. For example, if you say mem=2048 the OS will believe that your computer has 2048 GB of ram regardless of how much physical memory you actually have. (

Is there a way to do this? My Macbook (running Mountain Lion) has 8GB of ram, but I need to boot with only 2GB of ram in order to install something via wine. How can I make the OS believe that I have less memory than I actually have?

EDIT: To be more specific, I'm trying to run the game "Lego Racers 2" on my Mac, using wine (because it is a windows only game). According to this link ( (and some other sources that I've seen): "You cannot complete install if you have 3 or more gigs of RAM installed. The same problem exists in windows xp sp3 and vista sp1. Once installed you can add more ram."

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