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I have Dell 1764 for about 2 and half years and just recently power button start creating problem when I try to turn it on (it happened like over a night when i turned it off very fine and next day problem started. I can't even think a reason why it happened, it never dropped off or got anything spilled on it etc). Now I have to press power button few times, then it works. Sometime it starts PC on second or third attempt but sometimes I have to press it like tens of times to make it work. But yes, it does work in the end.

I get my laptop to repair shop and they fix it in few hours and got decent money but it work fine for about a week or two and then same problem started again (without any specific reason). Now they're saying it's related to BIOS and we have to find similar BIOS chip to fix it. Now it's been few weeks and still no good news.

So can anyone help, is it related to BIOS or it can be some other problem and any good tip about what to do to get it fix?

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Ask the guy in the repair shop what exactly did he do that made this issue disappear for some time. – matan129 Jul 8 '13 at 6:29
He said, i cleaned up the dust on button and board and that was the issue but now he's saying it's bios. – Ali Jul 8 '13 at 6:41

Most power buttons simply cause two pieces of metal to touch when you press the button. This completes a circuit which signals the power supply to turn on the rest of the computer.

If something is blocking the connection between the pieces of metal under the power button, it could be struggling to complete the circuit. Or, if one of the wires going from the power button to the power supply is loose or has a bad connection somewhere, the same thing could result.

If you press the power button kind of hard and wiggle your finger a bit for a couple of seconds, does it work better on the first try? If yes, then it is probably related to the power button itself. If this doesn't seem to help, try slightly squeezing the laptop (top and bottom) near where the power cord plugs in, and while doing that press the power button. If this helps, then the problem is probably closer to the power supply rather than the button.

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Easy solution (Win.10)..

Control Panel>Power Options> left "choose what the power buttons do">change settings that are currently available>...then UN-check "Turn on Fast Startup".

Shut down and re start....problem should be solved.

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Got a solution for this:

  • Remove AC adaptor and battery, press and hold the power button for 40-60 seconds.
  • Connect only AC adaptor, switch on laptop.
  • Then shut down and restart the system along with the battery.

It worked for me.

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Happy this worked for you, but not all laptops work the same or behave the same. Can you please edit your answer to provide a bit more detail? – JakeGould Feb 21 '15 at 3:21

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